Successful Supervisor Skills - On-line or On-Site

Supervisors are the most important, most hands-on and most critical link in developing a high-performing and high morale staff.  Yet many supervisors are former hourly event staff promoted because of good customer service skills without regard to their supervisory skills.

This half- to three-day workshop helps new and experienced supervisors develop the skills sets required to professionally lead, coach, motivate and supervise your staff and volunteers.

Prior to your on-site program your supervisors will complete a questionnaire about situations they encounter and skills in which they would like to improve.  Their responses will help TAME tailor the program and workshop manuals for them.

By completing the instructor-led workshop discussions, exercises and role-plays, your supervisors will become more confident and professional in leading and motivating your staff.  This engaging session will help your supervisors make the transition from knowing what to do – to being able to do it.

The workshop can be adjusted to fit your budget and time availabilities. In the minimum half-day workshop Wayne will present successful supervisory strategies and lead your staff through ideation discussions and workshop exercises, and your supervisors will practice supervisory skills with each other in a non-threatening environment. They'll be able to use these new techniques as soon as they leave the workshop.

The online Supervisor Skills workshop is not a pre-recorded webinar where participants passively gaze at a screen while multi-tasking. Your virtual workshop will be a live session-led by Wayne Coleman incorporating all of the discussions, Q&A, small group exercises and skill practices included in an on-site session. See a six-minute preview of the online workshop, click here.

To motivate staff to implement their new supervisory skills, the final assignment is to complete a Personal Action Plan outlining how they will use their new skills. Those who submit their completed Personal Action Plan to TAME will receive a beautiful signed Certificate of Completion suitable for framing.

Topics in a half-day workshop can include:

Basic fundamentals of supervising people—learn and practice the special skills a supervisor needs to develop a high-performing staff, and plan on-the-job implementation.

Be a coach—just as a sports team has coaches, supervisors must give feedback during and after events, and do so in a way that will be welcomed and will improve performance.

Motivate staff and develop an on-going no-cost reward/recognition program—learn the skills necessary for maintaining a high-morale staff.  They will learn how to customize and implement personal techniques and an on-going series of awards/rewards programs that can motivate all staff—not just top performers.

Corrective counseling and progressive discipline—when performance is not acceptable, the supervisor must act immediately before the problem becomes chronic. Participants will practice methods to improve performance without demotivating staff. 

Additional skills training in a full or multi-day workshop can include:

Recruiting and selection interviewing—hire the best and your job will be easier! Discover how to tap many sources for finding the best people and then predict their success potential before hiring.  The interview skills learned will also help supervisors coach and lead staff more effectively.

Train new and experienced staff quickly and effectively—from orientation to initial training, plus ongoing training for fulltime and returning staff, learn how to convey the knowledge and help your people develop the skills they need to operate and represent your facility.  Learn classroom as well as one-on-one training methods.

Conduct effective pre-event and fulltime staff meetings—do your people feel they really missed something if they’re late for a meeting?  Learn to conduct meetings they’ll look forward to attending!

Performance Reviews—the purpose of a performance review is to improve performance.  Learn how to objectively evaluate performance and conduct reviews that your staff will appreciate, find valuable, and leave motivated to improve.

Delegate effectively—sometimes people don’t do as they were told.  How supervisors delegate or make work assignments makes a difference in people’s understanding and motivation.

Key Benefits

  • Supervisors can correct ineffective performance before it becomes a chronic problem
  • Properly supervised event staff have higher morale and less turnover
  • Guest problems will be reduced and guest satisfaction increased
  • This workshop is recommended for front-office managers, too.