Motivating Event Staff

A key to any successful awards/rewards program is that every staff member feels he/she can achieve recognition or reward—that rewards are not limited only to your top performers. In this half-day workshop your supervisors will design a series of awards/rewards programs specifically customized for your venue, and they will develop tools and skills necessary to create and maintain a high morale event staff.

Key topics include:

  • Basics of motivation
  • Overview five general principles of supervision
  • Values and beliefs that deserve recognition
  • Differences between awards and rewards
  • The five most powerful motivators
  • Motivating average and less than average performers
  • Using positive strokes, compliments, and thank you’s
  • 88 ways to boost and maintain employee self-esteem
  • Exercises for creation of:
  • No cost awards
    • Low cost awards
    • Communication awards
    • Non-monetary awards
    • Monetary awards
    • Recognition items, trophies, plaques, certificates
    • Attendance and safety rewards
    • Anniversary rewards
    • Structuring and choreographing the overall reward/award recognition program

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced staff morale
  • Events become more fun for everyone
  • Greater teamwork
  • Fewer staff related problems
  • More satisfied patrons