Customized Sales Training for Your Event Sales Team

Close more sales with powerful
consultative persuasion techniques!

Your staff can close more sales and increase revenues by having prospective clients make affirmative decisions without unnecessary delays and by having clients utilize more of your facility’s services.

Whether your target prospects include conventions, conferences, business meetings, weddings, parties (birthdays, retirements, reunions, etc.), graduations, dinners or anything else, your staff can easily implement these proven consultative sales techniques to improve their batting averages and closing successes with prospects.

Incremental increases in revenues will come with incremental sales, and many of these sales may come through selling the secondary spaces within your facility, such as smaller ballrooms, lobbies, front lawn, etc.  Event types typically are weddings, proms, fundraisers, or corporate breakfasts or luncheons.

Why your people will sell more effectively with this program

This is a full day engaging workshop—not a lecture—focusing on client-types your staff targets and sales situations they encounter. Wayne Coleman, your facilitator, will explain effective persuasion strategies and lead your staff through ideation discussions and workshop exercises. Then they will practice selling to each other in a non-threatening environment. They'll be able to use these new techniques and their newly developed "scripts" as soon as they leave the workshop.

Customized to help your staff ‘win’ selling situations

number-onePrior to the program your staff will complete a questionnaire about sales situations they encounter and areas of the sales process in which they would like to improve. Their responses will help TAME tailor the program and training manuals for them.

By completing the instructor-led workshop discussions, exercises and role-plays, your staff will become more confident and professional in persuading clients to say “Yes!”

This engaging session will help your staff make the transition from knowing what to do – to being able to do it!

Your staff will develop skills necessary for persuading prospects to choose your facility over competitors’ and to use more of your facility’s services.

What your on-site sales training can accomplish

  • Positive initial contact & quickly building rapport
  • Develop effective high value questions to gain client insight and client cooperation — with a minimum of questions and without a client feeling ‘interrogated’
  • Effective persuasion strategies (steps of selling)
  • Create powerful mini-presentations that you can customize on-the-spot for each specific need of a client
  • How to use your facility’s marketing aids and visual aids effectively
  • Follow up the initial visit effectively
  • Determine client acceptance through verbal and non-verbal signals
  • Develop temperature-taking questions to gauge client acceptance and readiness to buy
  • Eight (or more) closing techniques that work
  • Respond effectively to objections and stalls
  • Develop a personal implementation plan
  • Track personal progress for six months

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