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Workshops Customized for You

Why do our customized workshops work so well?

Many managers confuse orientation with training. Orientation gives people the knowledge necessary to do a job, while training develops people’s skills, experience and confidence, all keys to boosting performance. Training is what helps people make the transition from knowing what to do to being able to do it, and results in behavior change on the job.

Often, newer front-of-house staff may hesitate when they should act (prohibited items, smoking, changing seats, profanity, etc.), or worse, they overreact. With our exercises and role-plays, your event staff will become more confident and professional. Self-confidence makes the job easier, which contributes to improved staff morale and more pleasant guest experiences.

All workshops will be customized for your venue and conducted on site at a location of your choice. All sessions include comprehensive reference manuals for note taking, exercises, practice dialogs and implementation plans, and the manuals will serve as future review resources.

.Adult Learning Theory

People learn best by doing. Whether learning to play a sport, an instrument, or learning a physical or verbal job skill, practicing with a coach allows continuous feedback, which results in continuous improvement.

People may not remember everything they see and hear during a lecture. Long-term learning and true skill development take place only when people go through the three levels of learning.

  1. Present Level—This level gives people an overview of the tasks they will perform and the strategies they will use. The Present level tells them what to do.
  2. Involve Level—The goal of this level is for trainees to understand strategies and techniques. This learning level incorporates exercises that cause employees to review sample verbiage and think about and write what they would say in guest situations.
  3. Practice Level—Practice occurs when event staff is doing or talking, using the words they would use with a guest. The most common form of practice is role-play. The goal of this level is for the employee or volunteer to become comfortable saying the right things in the right manner.

Our workshops include exercises and role-plays that lead your staff through all three levels of learning.

Successful Supervisor Skills

Superior Guest Service

Train the Trainer

Motivating Event Staff

Successful Sales Skills