Superior Guest Service

This half-day workshop employs humor, common sense, participant involvement, individual and small group exercises, and role-playing to help event staff develop skills necessary for successful relations with guests and co-workers.

Programs can be conducted with or without video demonstrations and behavior modeling.

Topics can include:

  • How Guest Service affects event staff
  • Defining Superior Guest Service
  • Influencing how guests react toward us, i.e., changing guests' behaviors
  • Projecting proper attitude, appearance, body language, facial expression, tone of voice, the words we use
  • "Reading" a guest
  • Determining guests’ needs and motivations
  • Exceeding guests’ expectations
  • Developing multiple greetings for guests
  • Conversational tips
  • Listening "between the lines"
  • Responding to guest complaints
  • Intervening for negative guest behaviors—smoking, prohibited items, profanity, standing, changing seats, etc.
  • Guest recovery techniques
  • Developing a personal improvement plan

This program is recommended for front-office personnel, too! Not only will they develop an appreciation for the challenges faced by front of house staff, but the skills covered will provide them with customer service essentials for working with promoters, patrons, and co-workers.

Key Benefits

  • More professional staff in both appearance and behavior
  • Greater teamwork
  • Fewer staff related problems
  • More satisfied guests and more return visits
  • Higher per caps