Additional Services

In addition to our many fine workshops, TAME has also created and/or conducted the following for facility clients:

Mystery Shopper Tours - Also known as secret shoppers, shopping your venue requires people who have been trained to objectively evaluate staff knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, promptness of response, facility cleanliness, etc. Shoppers have long been used by the hospitality and retail industries to evaluate and improve their systems, procedures, products (food), merchandising, and people skills.

We will train and utilize local shoppers. Following the shoppers' tours, you will receive a detailed report identifying strengths and weaknesses of your front of house operations along with suggestions for improvement. This provides invaluable input for improving and justifying funds to improve many aspects of your physical facility and operations.

On-site Management Retreat - People who report to you, and their direct reports, know things that you don't about your front and back of house operations. TAME will provide written surveys for  some of your people to complete and return prior to the management retreat. TAME can also follow up the written surveys with on-site private interviews prior to the management retreat.

The management retreat session will lead your people through some diagnostics exercises to evaluate the impacts of various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your operation, and participants will brainstorm solutions to the most critical or opportunistic. This provides valuable diagnostics information which will aid your strategic planning.

We can also customize any of our workshops to include as part of your management retreat.

Painless Performance Reviews - The purpose of a performance review is to improve performance, and both staff and supervisors should look forward to review meetings.

Do you review staff performance at least once or twice per year? We can help develop a simple system, create simple forms, and train your supervisors to use your customized system effectively. Semi-annual reviews provide many benefits from uncovering training needs to identifying candidates for promotion to documenting performance for rehire-no rehire decisions.

Help your supervisors and your entire management team objectively evaluate performance and conduct reviews that staff will appreciate and find valuable, and you'll have staff leaving their reviews motivated to improve.

Customized Operations Manuals - Is it time to update your operations manuals? Policies and procedures change and you may need to audit your operations to take out the no longer pertinent information and add policies and procedures adopted in the last few years. We can help.

Job Descriptions - Do you have one for every position? Does each reflect the current responsibilities of the position? A well-written job description is a recruiting tool and serves as a basis for a performance review system.

Customized Event Staff Pocket Handbooks - The pocket handbooks can include your employee guidelines, procedures, facility maps, and answers to questions most often asked by the public. Even new event staff can have the answers with them at all times!

Employee Surveys - One of the Disney success secrets is using the eyes, ears, and ideas of every team member to uncover areas and methods of improving the facility. Surveys conducted by a third party often uncover more forthright and candid responses than internal surveys. We can customize simple survey forms and collect, summarize and analyze the data received.

Customer Surveys - Guest and promoter feedback will also uncover areas and methods for improving your venue. We can help you create simple survey forms and develop methods for you to collect, summarize and analyze the data yourself.

Focus Groups - A focus group consists of 8-10 guests (or staff) gathered in a conference room responding to questions posed by a group moderator. To gain maximum value and the most reliable input, we can help you organize and conduct several focus groups with different customers.