Business Philosophy

We accomplish our mission to “put a smile in every seat” by analyzing and then customizing training for your  personnel in guest relations, supervisory and other skills necessary to fulfill your venue’s mission.

Workshops Overview

Our programs can be uniquely customized for your facility. All courses come with comprehensive participant manuals. Additionally, we can create new programs to meet your specific needs.

Services Overview

Among the many things we do... We have also created Customized Operations Manuals, Job Descriptions, Performance Review Systems, and customized Event Staff Pocket Handbooks.

Free Customized Training Plan

Fill out and submit the online Training Plan Data Sheet, and
we will create a customized training plan for your venue.

Creates and conducts customized workshops for:

What people are saying about TAME

"Put a Smile In Every Seat"

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wayne Coleman for more than 20 years. He is truly a topnotch master trainer. Wayne and I developed a three-day “Training Crowd Managers” program that took months to write before delivering our first session in Fort Worth Texas in 1999. We developed a “Training Crowd Managers Video” for IAVM. During my years as Chairman for the International Crowd Management Conference, I had Wayne lecture at more than five ICMC sessions. Wayne is also the person that I turned to, to teach my Crowd Management class at the International Venue Management School at Oglebay when I was unable to attend.

Wayne is a true professional. His years of studying and teaching at Dale Carnegie and others provide him with unique qualities, skillsets and techniques, which propel him above the average speaker/trainer.

It is my pleasure to render this letter of support for my good friend and teaching partner, Mr. Wayne Coleman."

Larry B. Perkins, CFE, CPP, CMP
IAVM Past Chairman

Training Assembly Managers and Employees

We accomplish our mission to "put a smile in every seat" by training all event staff, supervisors, and front office personnel in the crowd management, guest relations and supervisory skills necessary to fulfill their facility's mission.


Wayne Coleman President

Since the age of 14, Wayne has performed all event functions including ticket seller, ticket taker, usher, concessions stand, parking lot attendant, maintenance services, scoreboard operator, press attendant, house manager, HR manager, recruiter, trainer, and more.