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More Testimonials

Bill Dutcher, General Manager, MetraPark/MontanaFair

“MetraPark is a 189-acre multi-purpose facility and 10,000 seat arena and producer of MontanaFair. We hired Wayne Coleman to do all staff training and supervisor training. We were very pleased with all staff sessions and supervisor training. We all feel that it was time and money well spent.

As manager of our facility, I participated in all of the in-depth sessions. We are a county-owned facility and I passed on rave reviews to our county commissioners.

I would highly recommend Wayne Coleman’s T.A.M.E. Training to any facility or organization.”

Richard Mowrey, CBI, CBA, CVA, CMA, Merger and Acquisition Expert

Wayne is a professional’s professional when it come to speaking and training speakers or “presenters”. After many years or teaching and providing seminars, I had the opportunity to participate in specialized instruction with Wayne. (I only wish I had met Wayne earlier.) His deep knowledge and easy identification of what to do and how to do it to make a difference created an experience of great value. I highly recommend Wayne to any organization that wants to take a leap forward in communications!

Tom Caltrider, Investment banker serving Rocky Mountain region businesses to raise capital and manage mergers & acquisitions

“I attended a “train the trainer” course that Wayne put on for the IBBA in Dallas and he did an absolutely fantastic job. I fully endorse Wayne for his training work.”